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Étienne Paquette

Étienne Paquette, Ph.D., is a multimedia artist and writer who takes audiences on fantastic journeys with immersive installations that borrow elements from different art forms. He has increasingly taken a transdisciplinary approach to his work, blending narrative and technological experimentation to create different ways for audiences to participate in stories. His works have earned awards in the field of interactive and immersive experiences, attracted mainstream media coverage, and been discussed in scientific works, including one published by the MIT Press.

He has produced pieces such as Wind Instrument (2018; Numix Award, in situ Experiential & Interactive Installation, 2019), Arctic Beyond Ice (2017; MUSE Gold Award, Multimedia Installations, American Alliance of Museums, Phoenix, Arizona, 2018) and Megaphone (2013; shortlisted for the Interaction Awards, Amsterdam, 2014 and winner of the Boomerang Grand Prize, Interactive Environments, Montreal, 2013).