IDA – Beyond creativity: How Québec studios can generate a positive impact by enhancing your public spaces

On September 22, 2022,  as part of IDA’s Annual Conference and Marketplace, themed Reinventing: The Communities of Tomorrow, Creos had the opportunity to participate in the panel: Beyond creativity: How Québec studios can generate a positive impact by enhancing your public spaces organized by IQI (Investissement Québec international) along with several Quebec creative and experiential industries key players. 

During this panel, our spokesperson Alexandre highlighted the relevance of presenting temporary interactive installations in public spaces, underlining the important economic impacts and the creation of stronger communities, while reminding the unique and sought-after Creos turnkey services.  By presenting concrete projects, some of which were carried out with members of the IDA network, Alexandre was able to validate the relevance of these initiatives in public spaces and highlight the many successful projects carried out in recent years with IDA members. 

IDA (International Downtown Association)
Alexandre Lemieux, Creos
Coralie Olson, Massivart
Gonzalo Soldi, mirari
Josée Guérette, Quartier des spectacles international
Mélissa Mongiat, Daily tous les jours
Olivier Gagnon, Iregular
Rory Seydel, Gentilhomme
Vancouver, BC

In addition to this panel, Creos was also holding a booth to present our vision and our installations to potential customers and partners in the IDA community, of which Creos has been a proud member since 2018.

“Creos has been a longtime member and supporter of IDA and the network has benefited from their placemaking knowledge and creative urban activations. The Creos team sparks joy throughout the communities they work in as they artistically enhance public spaces. Their use of light to engage both residents and visitors is a form of public art that brings downtown to life!”

TRACIE CLEMMER, Director of Corporate Relations, IDA

“Participating in this type of discussion with such an active community brings to light outstanding collaborations with these various organizations. We try to inspire through the projects we develop, but the real inspiration comes from the IDA members who, year after year, challenge themselves to provide the best living environment for their audiences.

ALEXANDRE LEMIEUX, Speaker, Co-Founder and Business Development Director, Creos