All throughout 2020, Creos’ interactive installations brought people together in a comforting way and allowed communities to provide safe entertainment while boosting their local economy.

Always on the move

In 2020, 14 Creos installations traveled to 20+ cities across North America. Building our loyal customer base, we entered into new partnerships that allowed our installations to travel to 7 new U.S. locations. This represents more than 1,500 touring days, a 10% increase over the previous year. In August, Creos announced the roll out of its 150th project. Read about it here.

Did you know…

Our workshop team takes the utmost care of each installation that goes on tour. In 2020, they invested more than 2,600 hours on maintenance, verification, and adjustment!

Coming back home


After having traveled the world, Creos’ installations returned home. More than 65% of our projects were rolled out in Québec and in the rest of Canada, from Vancouver to Québec City, with stops in Belleville and Shawinigan.




“The response for Prismatica has been incredible. Visitors have been coming down to stroll through the installation as well as shop and dine at local businesses,” explained Belleville Downtown District BIA media and marketing officer Kelsey Moniz.

“It would have been easy to do nothing after not being able to have our large-scale events, but we needed to do something for the community,” said Moniz. “Prismatica has allowed us to create a 4-week long event that visitors can enjoy any time of day so there are no large crowds, and everyone can choose how they experience the display. Our pedestrian count numbers are actually up from the same period last year.”

New talent

Creos prides itself on being a forward-looking player in a thriving industry. In order to meet growing demands, Creos welcomed Hugo Larouche, who will provide strategic support to the Sales team as Senior Accounts Manager.


“I am thrilled to join the dynamic and high-level Creos team. I look forward to helping managers of public spaces roll out installations that will bring joy and light to their communities and contribute to their economic recovery. The year 2021 will be challenging for communities. Supported by the Creos team, I will be proposing solutions to allow citizens to have fun while respecting public health measures.”

The 2020 motto: Staying connected

Technological innovation is in Creos’ DNA and we have always recognized the importance of putting high-performance tools at the service of teams working remotely. Once again, our technology team was proactive in finding ways to work efficiently and seamlessly within the company, as well as with our clients.

Our production teams also adapted to the “new normal” in the field, and our chief installers showed just how creative and flexible they are. In addition, we developed virtual training modules and tutorials, and partnered with local U.S. teams. We were thus able to maintain our high-level service and to set up and disassemble installations remotely, when necessary.

Key partners behind the scenes

The export challenges of the past year have highlighted the creativity and reliability of Creos’ suppliers and partners.

We are grateful to the Truck ‘N Roll team whose adaptability and flexibility facilitated all of our local and U.S. transportation requirements. They delivered above and beyond!

We would also like to thank our financial partners, in particular the National Bank, BDC, DEL, and our long-standing partner, EDC, for their trust and continued support.

Industry recognitions

Creos is proud to have won the 2020 Excellence Award in the Export category presented by the CCIRS (South Shore Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

In 2020, Creos was also ranked among the Growth Leaders in Quebec, as chosen by the business magazine L’Actualité in partnership with The Globe and Mail.

Bringing comfort in 2021

In 2021, Creos will continue to build on its momentum, as people are more eager than ever to be entertained while staying safe. By offering interactive facilities that meet the needs of communities, Creos continues to position itself as an innovative and solutions-driven leader.