Breckenridge, USA

An interactive installation that will warm hearts of all ages

Impulse is a publicly activated light and sound experience. The project uses the idea of repetitive units of subtle light and sound that can be played by the public to create a temporal, ever‐changing event. Impulse embodies ideas of serialism, repetition, and variation to produce zones of intensity and calm.

Your open space is transformed into a space of urban play through a series of interactive illuminated see‐saws that respond and transform when put into motion by people. When not in use, the see‐saws will stabilize to the horizontal and remain at a lower glowing level. When activated by users and inclined, the see‐saws, augmented by LED lights and speakers, will increase in light intensity and emit a randomized sound sequence. This variation in intensity aims to animate the public space and its occupants. Impulse will be an ever‐changing urban composition and urban instrument, in which city dwellers are the musicians and artists.

Quartier des Spectacles Partnership
Lateral Office, CS Design Inc.
EGP Group, Mitchell Akiyama, Générique Design, Robocut Studio
Tour Producer

“The seesaws are so popular that I had to wait in line for a chance to ride one of them, but it was well worth the wait. I think the whole concept of them is pretty cool. I feel like they weren’t even made for little kids, which is the best part.”

OLIVIA WRIGHT, for, Chicago (USA)

Impulse has been very well received; children and adults alike are enjoying the installation very much, and one hears a lot of laughter and joy from riders.”

COBY GREEN-RIFKIN, Director of Marketing Communications, Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton (USA)

“Thank you for your wonderful work. Day and night Impulse engaged, entertained and added beauty to the experience of so many at our Festival. The work was a triumph. I had a play on in the massive downpour on opening night and laughed with pure joy.”

YARON LIFSCHITZ, Artistic Director – Circa, Commonwealth Games Arts and Cultural Program 2018, Brisbane (AUS)

“It is just a wonderful example of the kind of engagement that public art can create.”

TEIL SILVERSTEIN, Public Art Advisor, Office for the Arts at Harvard, Boston (USA)

“I want to personally thank you (…) for initially bringing Impulse to the attention of Scottsdale Public Art and helping coordinate the transport and installation. (…) All of us here at Scottsdale Public Art very much appreciate the role CREOS played in helping with this installation.

As you know everyone loved Impulse. It was one of our most popular installations this year and watching the interaction of adults and children was so gratifying. I received a number of emails from visitors asking that we keep the seesaws permanently! (…)

This year’s Canal Convergence event drew over 80,000 people. And Impulse had much to do with our overall success. I hope we can look at possible projects together in the future.”

DONNA ISAAC, Director, Scottsdale Public Art (USA)

“It was the perfect time for an installation like Impulse. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, people rarely had the opportunity, or choice, to gather in a public space. Impulse provided both opportunity and choice for children and adults to escape reality and replace a year of ups and downs with a few moments of laughter and joy.”

ELYSE PARTEE, Events and Development Coordinator, Scott Family Amazeum, Bentonville (USA)

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