Always moving forward

In 2019, 15 Creos installations traveled to more than 30 cities in 6 countries on 3 continents. Confirming its leadership in the export of touring interactive installations, Creos recorded a 22% increase in the number of outings compared to the previous year. In June, Creos announced its 100th outing since its founding.

The firm’s sustained growth was recognized on numerous occasions. Notably, Creos was a finalist in the Mercuriades Award and in the South Shore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Excellence Award.

A unique and diverse portfolio

In order to meet the growing demand from our loyal and newly acquired clients, the Creos team worked hard to discover and unveil new talent from here and abroad.

During the year, we expanded our portfolio with six new installations by Canadian, American and Mexican creators, developing ties with four new partner-owners. Discover our portfolio HERE.

Strategic actions within a new, fast-growing industry

Last June, Creos participated in CODASummit in El Paso where we presented our expertise to a host of world-renowned artists, curators and industry stakeholders who are harnessing technology to create interactive installations.

At the 65th Annual Conference and Trade Show of the International Downtown Association (IDA) in Baltimore, Creos joined a vast network of over 1,000 inspired leaders who shape cities around the world, gathered to discuss emerging trends in urban placemaking.

On the right track for 2020

The Logistics and Operations team at Creos makes every effort to meet the growing demand for installation rentals.

Among other initiatives, all our head installers received specialized training in order to maximize the setup, maintenance, and disassembly of installations on the road.

This impressive track record was made possible thanks to high-quality installations, invested owners and our clients who are eager to animate and embellish their public spaces. The adventure continues in 2020!