Always on the move

2023 was a year full of light, but above all, full of life! Ten original interactive installations represented by Creos were deployed as part of fifty events in 37 cities. This translates to over 1,500 days of exposure in public spaces, creating magical moments in nearly 20 states and provinces across North America.

Since its creation, Creos has completed over 350 projects in more than 200 destinations worldwide. We extend our gratitude to the owners and creators of installations who trust us and allow us to offer original, colorful, and exciting products. We wish to highlight the arrival in 2023 of the BIG ART team into our big family with their installation, The TUNNEL. The installation is among the three new acquisitions by Creos to provide our loyal clientele as well as our visionary new clients with ever-renewed experiences.

Photos, from left to right: The TUNNEL, by BIG ART, then e/motion and Horizon, by Olivier Landreville

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Empowering progress: Invaluable Support

Creos is pleased to have received financial support from Québec’s commercialization and export support program (Programme de Soutien à la Commercialisation et à l’Exportation (PSCE)) as well as the Creative Export Canada (ECC) program. We would like to emphasize the importance of these programs, which allow us to support our business initiatives over the years. 

«Canada produces some of the world’s best cultural content. Thanks to programs like Creative Export Canada, Canadian creative professionals can get the support they need to expand into international markets and share their amazing projects with the world. By helping fund their projects, we are supporting our economy and our position as a global cultural leader. »Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage (Source: ECC)

Innovative Vision and Leadership

« Our creative vision and passionate leadership are at the core of Creos’ innovative approach. Our corporate culture, based on values of mutual aid, empathy, and kindness, guides our business choices and development. These same values are embodied in our relationships with each of our clients and partners. This contributes to the growth of our businesses and employees in fulfillment. » Benoît Lemieux, co-founder and CEO, Creos

Discover more about Benoît’s vision in this article published by Made in CA.

Downtowns and cultural venues in North America face a set of challenges. In this complex context, Creos’ mission to make interactive art accessible to all communities is more relevant than ever. This year, once again, we have implemented a rigorous process that ensures meaningful partnerships with local communities.

We wish to highlight the willingness and constant efforts of all our clients and partners who aim to positively impact their community. Special congratulations to the team of the York Eglinton Business Improvement Area, winner of an award from the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) in the Activations category, for the presentation of the interactive installation LAPS.

Let us continue together our common mission of creating memorable moments, bringing communities closer, and fostering lasting social bonds through universal access to art and culture.

In the Spotlight

Launched in the fall of 2023, Horizon, created by Olivier Landreville, was selected to be showcased at HUB Montreal, an essential international trade gathering in the world of digital creativity.

Our Director of Business Development, Alexandre, also attended IDA’ Annual Conference and Tradeshow. This annual meeting allows us to connect with our clients and better understand the initiatives, challenges, and the impacts encountered by this community.


Teams at the Heart of the Action

If Creos is still on the move after more than 8 years of activity, it’s because it can rely on agile, creative, and action-oriented teams! These teams, with their experience and solution-focused approach, surrounded themselves in 2023 with new key players who initiated several positive changes within the company.

To support this evolution and the desire to be even more efficient, the workshop and production team have implemented a brand new inventory management system, optimized several technical documents, and established an analysis process to maximize each project.

The communications and marketing team is accompanied by a professional firm that ensures both internal and external impacts. 2023 led to the optimization and updating of numerous communication materials within the company. A breath of fresh air welcomed by all teams, which also allows for better daily support to our clientele. We launched in 2023 a series of interviews to highlight our employees. Broadcasted on Creos’ LinkedIn page, these interviews provide a deeper understanding of various team members and their roles and motivations, from business development to production, workshop, and marketing. The series continues in 2024, stay tuned!

Creos On the Road

On the road, Creos is better supported than ever. In addition to its loyal chef installers, Creos collaborates with a team of chef installers located throughout North America, ensuring project optimization and a good understanding of on-the-ground realities. Day and night, summer and winter, our chef installers have the beautiful and significant responsibility of ensuring that our installations are presented in the best conditions and offer an optimal and unforgettable experience to users.And what about our brand new badges on our road cases! You won’t be able to miss us on the road!


Carl was an absolute dream to work with. He was knowledgeable and efficient. When little issues came up, he was helpful in finding solutions. And he did it all with a smile on his face. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.Sandi Griffiths, Events Coordinator, Downtown Kingston BIA

A Healthy Social Life!

More than ever, our teams’ social life is focused on health and good lifestyle habits. Our famous collective vegetable garden was back, of course, along with gym sessions. The enthusiasm and consistency of some have a ‘training’ effect on the entire team.

Let’s highlight the participation of Creos’ extended family in the famous Tour du Lac Brome for the second consecutive year!

INIT – Creos’s Little Sister is Growing!

In 2023, the INIT team pushed the boundaries of their art more than ever, producing two new original installations, Horizon and e/motion, in addition to upgrading an existing installation for a touring show, The TUNNEL.

Init, Serge Maheu, Meca-Fab, Olivier Landreville during the fabrication of e/motion

Moreover, Init enabled local and international clients to realize their vision by manufacturing, among other projects, the installation Reflets, created by Michel D.T. Lam and produced by Les Productions Figure 55, showcased at HUB Montreal. Init also produced two yellow units of the Mi Casa, Your Casa installation by Esrawe + Cadena. These units were integrated into the brand-new Lynn Wyatt Square public space in Houston, inaugurated this year by Houston First.

We invite you to discover HERE the vision of INIT in an article published in the CODAmagazine of August, themed Art & Technology. More than ever, collaboration is the key for technology and innovation to serve creativity.