Georgetown, USA

A modern ice palace

A modern ice palace. Prismatica turns heads with the countless colourful reflections made by its giant prisms. Visitors can walk among them to see city life in every colour of the spectrum, and turn the prisms to make the colours dance. After sunset, the enormous interactive kaleidoscope's illusory effects reach a crescendo.

Prismatica is a participatory installation comprising 50 pivoting prisms more than two metres tall. Each one is made of panels covered with a dichroic film that reflects the colours of the rainbow, varying with the light source and viewing angle. Each prism is mounted on a base containing a projector that gives the installation a new dimension after nightfall. The rotation of the prisms triggers ariable-intensity bell music.

Partenariat du Quartier des Spectacles
RAW design, ATOMIC3, Jean-François Piché, DIX au carré, Louis Héon
Associate Producer

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