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CEO & cofounder

Since the beginning of his career, Benoît quickly revealed his sense of entrepreneurship. From business owner to manager in business, private and public, he identifies and understands the challenges promptly and know how to seize opportunities.

With this solid and exceptional multifunctional experience in various business areas, he is ready to found Creos and create and build a whole new industry: export of temporary interactive artworks in the public domain.

Courage, passion and authenticity are only few of the particular features of his personality that contribute to his success.

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Business development director & cofounder

Alexandre is a young entrepreneur and founding member of Creos. His curiosity and ingenuity ensure the company is prospering and making inroads across the world. He is quickly becoming the company’s spokesperson, thereby promoting his talents as a speaker, but also his contagious passion for Creos.

His innate understanding of sales allows the company to reach a beautiful growth curve without ever losing sight of the satisfaction of local promoters. As the Director of Business Development, he firmly believes that compassion and problem-solving are what create lasting relationships.

Alexandre studied at McGill University where he strengthened his organizational knowledge, learning from well-known professionals from around the world. In fact, this is what motivates his involvement in the development of the company.

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Administration and Operations director & cofounder

Founding member, Sébastien joins Creos team in 2016. He has a way of promptly discerning strengths and motivations of people, which makes him an excellent manager. Insight, intuition, big heart, optimism and great rigor are all qualifiers that describe him wonderfully.

Having navigated in the events sector, Sébastien surely understands the issues and needs of the industry. From field operations, he jumps quickly in planning and organization of work.

In further complementing his background in management, he gets back to his books and obtains a Certificate in Administration. He takes strategically advantage of his practical know-how and his experience in business administration to leave his mark on Creos’ numerous projects.

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Project Manager - Logistics and Operations

Having worked in the entertainment industry for the past 15 years, Naomi specializes mainly in technical operations and operations related to international touring. Naomi’s desire to showcase art as a way to engage and connect people perfectly reflects Creos’ mission.

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Technical Director

Étienne is a touring veteran who worked abroad for several years before settling in Montreal. His experience at all levels in the entertainment industry led him to become the head of the touring operations support department of a world-renowned circus.

A seasoned manager, he has overseen international teams in construction, design, architecture, and civil engineering projects around the world. His strong focus on customer experience is matched by his flawless delivery of the projects he oversees.

At Creos, Etienne’s expertise helps transform your public space into an unforgettable place.

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Project Manager - Logistics and Operations

Geneviève has been working in the performing arts sector for over fifteen years, where she developed a wide range of skills. Driven by her passion for the arts and for making culture accessible to all, she now uses her experience and skills in artistic project management to oversee the logistics of international tours. Geneviève’s proactive and creative approach to finding solutions is reflected in the multiple facets of her position at Creos.

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Marketing and communication advisor

Julie is a versatile professional in culture and event project management. She totals more than 15 years of experience in Quebec and abroad. Her strength lies in her knowledge and coordination of all the steps required for the creation and realization of projects. She also passionately juggles words and images to promote these projects. Giving life and access to culture through Creos is her greatest motivation.

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Senior advisor - Projects & cofounder

Sonia is a seasoned professional in the field of major events organization. Her contribution to the success of international one-of-a-kind events, and her recognized expertise in logistics and production are valuable assets for Creos. A highly skilled communicator with a 360-degree vision of operations, Sonia is able to quickly grasp business and production challenges, and leverage communication and public relations opportunities.

Collaborators appreciate Sonia’s strong business ethics, curious mind and resourcefulness. She is always on the lookout for new ideas and solutions to bring all of Creos’ sectors of activity to the next level.

Sonia’s wide range of skills allows her to oversee the implementation of various projects in partnership with Creos’ clients. She is proud to play a part in the success and growth of this dynamic and innovative company.

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Vinciane Destoop

Communications and Content Creation Agent

Vinciane is a marketing and communications specialist who has gained professional and intercultural experience around the world. Having worked in several fields, including the food and sports industries, she now supports the Creos team in showcasing installations and artistic projects around the globe.

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Project manager - Operations and Production

Virginie has rich experiences related to logistic, material resources managing and operation in the event sector. This solid background on average and big scale events, her professional rigor and her passion for solving planning puzzles bring her to Creos, where she contributes to brings each project to fruition.

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Technical and Tour director

Régis has gained operational experience in numerous festivals, concerts, circus and exhibitions. He also worked for many years in the management of public places.

From installer to designer, Régis has the qualifications to meet the specific needs of each client. His versatility, rigour and proactivity are reflected in the interactive works he has designed and installed. A highly inventive and passionate art lover, he aspires to create astonishing user experiences.

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Project Manager – Technical Development

Always on the lookout for out-of-the-box and constructive solutions, Maude has built a stimulating career in theatre design and the performing arts. Whether working on film sets or back-stage, she tackles challenges and enhances projects with her versatile and innovative approach. Maude’s creativity and attention to detail have led her to work on five continents over the past ten years, during which she gained a unique expertise and an in-depth knowledge of materials. 

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Senior advisor - Technology & cofounder

With his background in software engineering, Marc-Antoine is able to successfully meet all the technological challenges of Creos. He understands and knows the art of systems integration process, and he is a major ally for implementing the best suited solutions in a simple and effective way.

His hands-on experience provides the team with the cutting edge tools and systems required to deliver projects effectively and efficiently.

Founding member, he gives the company the benefit of its great rigor and proudly positions itself as the guardian of Creos’ data.