Front  Wall Projection

Montreal now has its very own Canadian Olympic House which centralizes sports development activities and services for athletes and coaches. It is also home to a sports science and technology center which will offer a virtual experience of various sports. Young visitors will have the chance to test their abilities by participating in an interactive experience.

With the Olympic House, Montreal has made history by topping the skyscraper at 500 René-Lévesque Boulevard West with the Olympic rings. Visitors will be able to see the permanently lit rings from the sky as they fly over Montreal! In addition, the north face of the new Canadian Olympic House will serve as a giant projection screen.

For this historic event, Creos defined the technical arrangements needed to provide a high-quality projection on the 55-story building in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Please enjoy these images from the Canadian Olympic House site.

Comité Olympique Canadien
Montreal, Quebec, Canada