CNP Americas – Breakout Session

Interactive Infusions: leveraging art installations to rejuvenate urban experiences, attract visitors, and support local businesses.

We are happy to announce that Alexandre Lemieux will be holding a breakout session at City Nation Place Americas 2024 May 15th. With David Cowan – Downtown Detroit Partnership, they will share how and most importantly why cities are embracing the potential of interactive art installation.

In details, they will explore:

  • The creation of memorable experiences resonating beyond the physical presence
  • The engagement of the community in the vision
  • The impact of the investment

City Nation Place
Alexandre Lemieux, Creos
David Cowan, Downtown Detroit Partnership
Houston, TX
May 15th

We are thrilled to share our recent article delving into the transformative power of interactve art in urban spaces.  Published by CNP,  this article is a prelude and open the discussion ahead of the conference.

To discover the article, click HERE.