CODAsummit: Experience – Placemaking Art + Economic Development 

On April 6 and 8, 2022, as part of CODAsummit: Experience, Creos was invited to be a panelist for “The Reimagined City”, a forum for creators, economic agents, and technology leaders to discuss the opportunities offered by combining art with business. It is no longer just about beautifying public spaces through the contemplation of art, but rather about creating stimulating experiences, adaptable according to the environment, that can impact the growth of local and international economies.

The agenda was packed with amazing presentations. CODAsummit: Experience featured two extraordinary panels: The Reimagined City panel discussed empathy and community input, what stakeholders value, and how to measure successes and failures. The second panel, Marketing the Experience, brought together professionals to share their perspectives and lessons learned.

CODASummit: Experience
Alexandre Lemieux, Creos
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“The Reimagined City panel at CODAsummit: Experience was integral to the conference, which focused on the impact of experiential art on economic growth in communities. Alex made important contributions to this panel, bringing his perspective of providing experiential and interactive work to cities around the globe.”


“CODASummit Experience helped confirm that art can do much more than just beautify public spaces. Integrating art into everyday life has benefits that are recognized by like-minded companies working to develop public spaces and abandoned places. The Reimagined City demonstrates that creative industries have a role to play in propelling a city’s economy.”

ALEXANDRE LEMIEUX, Conférencier, Speaker, Co-Founder and Business Development, Creos

 Just as at other CODAsummits, the parties were excellent, people made amazing connections.

Discover a few of the show-stopping moments from this incredible event!