SAINT-BRUNO-DE-MONTARVILLE, April 29, 2019 – Creos, a leading agency in the field of interactive installations, is proud to be named a Mercuriades finalist in the RBC Royal Bank Start-Up category. This prestigious award recognizes the creation of a forward-looking company whose strong growth potential is based on a market development strategy and the innovative nature of its products and services.

“Creos is honored to have been recognized for its innovative know-how, bold approach and commitment to showcasing our local talent around the world,” said Benoît Lemieux, Creos’ General Manager. “This achievement is made possible by the creators and their high quality installations, the invested owners and our clients who are eager to animate and embellish their public space.” For Benoît Lemieux, this nomination demonstrates that culture and business can go hand in hand.

A steadily growing portfolio

Creos is the only company to offer a portfolio of more than a dozen interactive installations that provide visitors with a unique sensory and interactive experience that changes based on the location and users. The high-quality turnkey service and exceptional reliability during tour production are what set Creos apart.

“In 2018, the installations represented by Creos travelled to more than 24 cities in 7 different countries on 4 continents,” said Alexandre Lemieux, Director of Business Development. “On land and at sea, they covered more than 233,364 km, the equivalent circling the globe 5.4 times!”

A forward-looking agency

Creos’ success reflects the commitment of the agency’s dozen young professionals and numerous collaborators. For Benoît Lemieux, “this recognition pays tribute to the rigorous work of our talented and passionate team who has mastered the art of bringing art to the world.”

About Les Mercuriades

Launched in 1981 by the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ), Les Mercuriades are recognized as the most prestigious business awards in Québec. Each year, the awards celebrate the innovation, drive, entrepreneurship and performance of Québec-based companies, both large and small. The winners and finalists are inspiring role models for the next generation of business leaders and the Québec market as a whole.

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