Study on infrastructure and temporary equipment – Inauguration 2017

The City of New Haven has enlisted Nextstage Design to review the current use of the New Haven Green for events, and to evaluate the condition of the infrastructure that supports those events. Nextstage Design has also been asked to provide information on the acquisition of temporary staging equipment, to help the City determine the best way to provide staging for events that require it. This work is in anticipation of improvements to the Green to be funded through a State of Connecticut grant to the City.

The New Haven Green is a 16-acre (65,000 m²) private park located in downtown New Haven, Connecticut.

Creos has been enlisted to work with Nextstage Design in order to share its knowledge and experience in integrating electricity, water, and sewer services in the process of installation planning. Creos has also advised the City of New Haven on the installation of WiFi infrastructure, fiber optic cable, surveillance camera systems and street furniture, both to facilitate event staging and to allow for maximum use of urban spaces throughout the year.

Nextstage Design for the City of New Haven
City of New Haven
Department of Parks, Recreation and Trees
Engineering Department
The Proprietors of the Green
Permit holders for events on the Green
New Haven, Connecticut, USA