domino effect

Montreal, Canada

A multi-colored domino orchestra

A domino fall is a game that most people know. This version is just much bigger, active, collaborative, musical, and colorful! Domino effect delivers a fun and entertaining experience that brings people together and fosters a spirit of cooperation. It consists of 120 dominos brightly colored distributed across several stations in different ways, creating a wide range of sound and lighting effects.

The participative and collaborative installation, domino effect, will charm you with its tropical and vintage colors. Every set features a different sound profile: vocals, percussion, marimba, balafon, flute. Since each domino makes its own unique sound, visitors can even play DJ by “scratching” a domino, spinning it at different speeds, or drumming on it with their fingers.

Play together to put the dominos back up and up again or push them back to reverse the sound sequence.

Be the trigger for a chain reaction. Drop the dominos one after the other to begin a musical harmony and form a colorful and luminous arc. 

Quartier des Spectacles Partnership
Ingrid Ingrid
Enrique Enriquez, Lightfactor Inc., Myriam Bleau,
Productions Version 10, DIX au carré,
Solufab, Rotoplast, Nordesco
Tour Producer

Alexandre Lemieux
1 844 992-7367 ext. 101

“Congratulations to the team of Ingrid Ingrid for making Place des Festivals sparkle and bringing it to life with the power of interactivity. (…) Ingrid Ingrid’s installation illustrates our homegrown creators’ immense talent in finding new avenues for occupying public spaces all year round.”

VALÉRIE PLANTE, Mayor, City of Montreal, Montreal (CAN)

“Congratulations to Ingrid Ingrid for its original and nuanced approach to this project, which encourages cooperation and invites everyone to join in the fun. (…) You can already feel the fun and warmth that domino effect will generate for Quartier des spectacles visitors this winter!”

JACQUES PRIMEAU, Chair of the board of Directors, Quartier des spectacles Partnership, Montreal (CAN)

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