Breckenridge, USA

The gentle rumbling of a doomed glacier

The gentle rumbling of a doomed glacier. Metal arches form irregular tunnel for visitors to explore. While walking through Iceberg, visitors set off an enveloping symphony of light and sound that varies with the pace of their transit. Trickling water indicates that the human presence is transforming Arctic nature into a fragile landscape. A thought-provoking but playful piece about climate change.

Iceberg is an immersive interactive installation that follows the life cycle of an iceberg. The metal arches emit sound and light, varying with the presence and behaviour of people, thanks to motion sensors concealed inside the structure.

Unique soundscapes accompany the iceberg’s slow progress to temperate waters. Sampled in the far north, the natural sounds triggered by human activity under the arche grow richer and more harmonious as visitors progress through the work. As the iceberg gets nearer to inhabited shores, music emerges. Human activity transforms the piece’s original form until a climax is reached. Warmed by human presence, Iceberg grows reddish and we hear it collapse on itself.

ATOMIC3, Quartier des Spectacles Partnership
Félix Dagenais, Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun
APPAREIL architecture, Jean-Sébastien Côté, Philippe Jean
Tour Producer

Alexandre Lemieux
1 844 992-7367 ext. 101

“This is an astonishing installation that transforms Broadway into a gleaming, interactive experience for pedestrians, while reinforcing an important environmental message. Iceberg is a thought-provoking yet playful piece that serves as a profound reminder of the seriousness of climate change.”

BARBARA A. BLAIR, President, Garment District Alliance, New York (USA)

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