Fort Worth, USA

Retro-futuristic animated images

This illuminated musical installation, featuring a distinctive retro-futuristic look, uses cylinders two meters in diameter and plays short flipbook-style movies inspired by Quebec literature.  The work is inspired by the zoetrope, an optical toy invented in the 19th century. Loop is a hybrid of the music box, zoetrope and railway handcar.

Members of the public are invited to sit down inside the zoetrope, pump the bar, and make the image cylinder turn. The pictures will spring into motion. At the center of each giant wheel is a music box to provide accompaniment for the beautiful hand-drawn animations.

The animated images, tinted by a strobe effect, are reminiscent of the earliest movies. The speed of the whirring pictures, the frequency at which the light flickers and the tempo of the music are all determined by how fast you move the bar.

Have fun!

Quartier des Spectacles Partnership
Ottoblix, Jonathan Villeneuve, Olivier Girouard (Ekumen)
generique design, Jérôme D. Roy, Thomas Ouellet Fredericks, Dominic Thibault, Adsum Lab
Tour Producer

Loop has been a tremendous success (…), public number runs in the thousands per day. Our collaboration with Creos has been exemplary, smooth and utterly professional.”

REMCO VOLMER, Artengine, Ottawa (CA)

“Thanks for everything! Creos certainly makes things easy for clients!”

LAURA WIEGAND, Program Director, Arts Van Aken, Shaker Heights (USA)

Loop is a spectacular installation that captivates the public through a fascinating immersive experience, and will truly enrich our Broadway pedestrian plazas this winter.”

BARBARA A. BLAIR, President, Garment District, New York (USA)

“Thank you so very much for bringing Loop to The Calgary Stampede this year- this activation truly amplified the experience for our guests in the newly redesigned Market and definitely created a ‘buzz’. This year, between 80,000 – 90,000 people visited The Market daily and Loop definitely attributed to that.”

MEGAN TACKABERRY, Stampede Programming, Calgary Stampede, Calgary (CA)

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