3 ingredients for the exportation of interactive installations successes

Three essential players are involved in the exportation process of interactive installations: the investor, the creator and the agency.

Discover a beautiful example of this winning recipe by listening to Mikaël Frascadore d’Illuminart, Serge Maheu the creator and Alexandre Lemieux from Creos, telling you about the unique story of Passage, from its creation to its conquest of the world.

This interview took place within the Nouvelle vague radio program, during the installation of Passage at the Heavy Mtl festival, and was broadcast July 30st 2018 on the air of the radio of Radio-Canada.

To listen to the interview in French, please click HERE.

Alexandre Lemieux, Creos
Mikaël Frascodore, Illuminart
Serge Maheu, Passage
Festival Heavy Mtl, Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montréal, Québec, Canada