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Rob Jensen & Warren Trezevant

Rob Jensen – Lead Artist Rob Jensen conceived the Sonic Runway while observing the effects of sound at Burning Man in 2002. As a visual artist, engineer, and musician, Rob has always been drawn to the intersection of science and art. Rob’s day job also combines art and technology, where he alternates between animating and engineering at Pixar Animation Studios.


Warren Trezevant – Warren enjoys creating experiences of wonder. From bringing characters to life on the movie screen, as a former animator at Pixar Animation Studios, to bringing them to life in the real world with the stroboscopic Toy Story Zoetrope, Peter Hudson’s large-scale zoetropes Charon and Eternal Return, as well as the breathing for Marco Cochrane’s R_Evolution.


“Walking down the Sonic runway, you build a connection with all the other people and revel in this amazing shared experience. Wherever the Sonic Runway is installed, people call it the tunnel of smiles, because everyone’s enjoying themselves so much.”

– Rob & Warren



2021 – Finalist Top 100 (Sonic Runway)