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Serge Maheu

Trained as a computer engineer, Serge Maheu has followed a more creative path that led him into arts and multimedia production. He is a multi-faceted professional with experience in film, animation, photography, sound & music, computer programming, mathematics, interactivity, electronics and design, as well as an avid lover of straight and obliques lines, squares, pixels and concrete, minimalist and repetitive music. He strives to create innovative art based on a certain digital poetry while pursuing the relation of mankind with the digital world.


He’s open to fresh ideas, collaborations, and new art (or non-art) forms. Serge also produces maple syrup with his father every spring, but that’s a whole other story.


Gala Adisq

2015 – Winner, Best direction of the Year (Le Monde Perdu)

2015 – Nomination,  Category – lighting designer of the year  (Le Monde Perdu)

Concours Grafika

2014 – Awarded project, Category – Event »Design (50 years of the PdA)