Detroit, USA

Heaven on Earth

Created to offer the public a haven of serenity, the Horizon art installation heightens the imagination and frees the mind. Just sit comfortably in the cocoon and raise your eyes to discover a starry vault, a flock of birds, or a calming canopy. Inspired by the theme of the sky, these three unique visuals transport us to a place larger than ourselves that allows us to rediscover the magical feeling of experiencing the world in sweet solitude.

Each of these five egg-shaped units are equipped with an artfully-curved urban chair that rocks and invites you to daydream or, if you choose to share the experience, chat with a friend. Wooden materials, subtle, blue-tinted lighting and all-enveloping soundscapes provide a harmonious space that brings users close to nature.

The calm, rhythmic rocking of the cocoon’s chair triggers a light and sound experience for each theme. During the day, the sun creates delightful light and shadow effects as it comes through the dome while in the evening, pulses of light are reflected on the walls to create a magical experience. Each Horizon is accompanied by music inspired by the sound of birds, wind or stars. These beautifully crafted sound environments punctuate what is a very personal experience and help to generate feelings of comfort and serenity.

After coming back down to earth, users come out of Horizon feeling relaxed, with positive energy, and a profound sense of calm which they can then share with their community.

Horizon is an opportunity to bring wellbeing to your community by offering a soothing space for a break, a snack, a chat, or a mediation session.

Olivier Landreville
Serge Maheu
Tour Producer

Alexandre Lemieux
1 844 992-7367 ext. 101

“Public art invigorates our parks and public spaces. Horizon not only aligns with our mission of connecting people, places and parks, but encourages visitors to imagine a place larger than themselves.”

LAURA DEAN, CMP Director of Parks and Public Space Programs at Downtown Detroit Partnership, Detroit (USA)

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