Repentigny, Canada

Playful larger-than-life reeds

Walking in fields has never been more fun than with Roseaux, a “particip’active” and playfully interactive installation.

Composed of individual reeds that rise into the sky, Roseaux invites users to activate the base of the reeds by stepping on sensors, rhythmically propelling myriad colors up the stem.

Alone or in a group, the fun and exciting race begins to give the reeds a single, solid colour. The visual parade punctuated by a vibrant soundscape in a perfect synchrony of light and sound create an energizing sensory experience.

In standby mode, gently pulsing light and sound beckon users to activate the reeds and give the space a dreamlike ambiance.

Init, 1ToMn
UDO Design, Serge Maheu
Tour Producer

Alexandre Lemieux
1 844 992-7367 ext. 101

“Roseaux illuminated the city of Repentigny’s Cultural Space during the pandemic summer of 2021. The original installation combined light and sound— with lots of poetic beauty— to safely sweep away citizens through art. And it wasn’t only the kiddies who had fun tapping their feet to light up the reeds!” 

Free translation MANON FORTIN, Director, Culture, Arts & Literature Department, City of Repentigny, Repentigny (Canada)

“Navy Pier is excited to welcome the interactive Optik and Roseaux installations, which allow guests to bisect the arts and sciences. These engaging exhibits demonstrate how we each can manipulate our environment through light and sound, while sparking creative exchanges with other guests who are bringing their own visions to life. This playful activity spurs social connection. It’s perfectly suited to the People’s Pier.”

MARILYNN GARDNER, President and CEO, Navy Pier, Chicago (USA)

It was great to work with Creos’ team. We will certainly miss Optik and Roseaux and they were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who passed by. Thanks for being great partners on this project.”

NATALIE ARMSTRONG, Senior Manager of Placemaking, Downtown Alliance, New York City (USA)

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