Los Trompos

Atlanta, USA

Larger-than-life spinning tops

Los Trompos” (“Spinning Tops” in Spanish) draws its inspiration from a toy that has been popular with children around the world since the dawn of time. This large-scale, interactive artistic installation engages visitors in a way that is both meaningful and playful.

Los Trompos features eight larger-than-life, three-dimensional spinning tops in a variety of colors and shapes. The colorful surfaces of each top are created in part by fabric woven in a traditional Mexican style. The fabric is stretched over the modules to seat several people at once.

Functioning as both artwork and rotating platform, each sculpture acts as a gathering place for relaxation, social interaction and entertainment. By working together to create momentum, visitors can spin the tops on their bases. Through interaction and collaboration, Los Trompos comes to life and gives new meaning to the art of play.

Los Trompos was first commissioned by High Museum of Arts, Atlanta.

DTE Energy Beacon Park Foundation, Downtown Detroit Partnership
Esrawe + Cadena
Tour Producer

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