Cherry Creek North, USA

The hourglass from another time

LAPS: a journey through time – here and now

LAPS is a modern take on the traditional hourglass that gives us the opportunity to literally take control of time. From the top of their 7.8 feet (2.33 meters), the 6 giant modules invite the public to change time by turning the steering wheel at their desired pace, in one direction or the other, and to take another look at their perception of time. Time catchers are rewarded with a sound and light experience that inspires immediate wonder.

Take control for a full lap of LAPS; hold your breath, sing a song, clap your hands, propose marriage, do whatever inspires you. Everyone gets to choose the time they want to spend here; this passage of time is truly yours!

A little history

Commonly hourglasses measure the time it takes to boil eggs or to take turns during board games. In the Middle Ages, the hourglass was used to limit the time for sermons and university lectures. Did you know that in the navy, it was used on board ships to measure their speed, time the length of watches, and even sometimes to measure the full duration of a voyage?

The hourglass has traveled through time and over the centuries reinvented itself. LAPS was born out of a reflection on the uncontrollable nature of the passing of time. In a world where everything is going faster and faster, where people run desperately after time, LAPS offers a different take on the individual and collective perception of time. Here everyone gets to tame time to the same end: to be fully in the moment.

Olivier Landreville
Serge Maheu
Tour Producer

Alexandre Lemieux
1 844 992-7367 ext. 101

“We were drawn to LAPS because of the simplicity of its mechanism and the reference to the passage of time. In our digital world, the use of a rare and ancient instrument such as an hourglass immediately propels the festival-goer into a new dimension. Audience participation is intuitive and Laps programming is definitely a success for our event.”

MÉLANIE TESSIER, Director, Experiential Design, MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE, Montreal (CAN)

“It’s always a pleasure to work with the team at CREOS. LAPS is a fantastic exhibit for both how easily it is deployed and for visitors to enjoy. We’ve had a lot of fun with LAPS and positive feedback from our visitors. It was a great exhibit to have on Sparks Street, especially through Canada Day!”

MARISSA LORD, Communications & Engagement Director, Sparks Streets, Ottawa (CA)

“The interactive art installation LAPS brought so much light and energy to the Cherry Creek North neighborhood during the holidays! As one of Denver’s top winter destinations, Cherry Creek North was thrilled to draw a crowd in to come play with the concept of time. We saw children and adults alike playing with the giant hourglasses outside throughout the holiday season.”

LISA VOSS, VP of Marketing, Cherry Creek North, Denver (USA)

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