New York, USA

A playful vision of a brighter side

Optik is an interactive installation that reflects on our ability to play with our surroundings while giving the opportunity for brand new point of views on our daily environment. It provides a unique platform for users to manipulate at free will how they want to see the world. 

The ten 6 feet (1,8 meters) gyroscope-like forms with, at the center, a dichroic film, offer new ever-changing opportunities that reflect any ray of lights during the day while refracting the inner rings lighting at dusk. As the audience rotates each unit, they create their own endless cascade of colors. The experience is raised to another level as sound joins us on the rhythmical effort, turning each unit into a different musical instrument.   

Through movement and reflection of light, each of these colorful units encourages the public to engage with another unit and other people within the space, sparking spontaneous conversations, dance parties, jam sessions, light shows, and to finally see each and everyone’s true color. 

Optik  transports people away from their daily routine and into a state of play; it is no longer just a photogenic monument within a space and becomes a communal hub for social connection.

The Urban Conga
Serge Maheu
Tour Producer

Alexandre Lemieux
1 844 992-7367 ext. 101

“Navy Pier is excited to welcome the interactive Optik and Roseaux installations, which allow guests to bisect the arts and sciences. These engaging exhibits demonstrate how we each can manipulate our environment through light and sound, while sparking creative exchanges with other guests who are bringing their own visions to life. This playful activity spurs social connection. It’s perfectly suited to the People’s Pier.”

MARILYNN GARDNER, President and CEO, Navy Pier, Chicago (USA)

“We are thrilled to welcome Creos back to the ByWard Market in Ottawa and host the Canadian premiere for Optik.  Creos has been a long-standing partner for festive public celebrations including bringing Loop to the ByWard Market for Canada 150 in 2017 and Cycle and Oscillation For Winterlude 2020. We are so happy to be able to bring in Optik for the holidays and Winterlude 2023.


Using Creos is a great way to illuminate our space with engaging, accessible, and dynamic pieces that start conversations, bring joy, and create lasting memories.  As we emerge from years of restrictions, we are so happy to bring a fun, novel, and new installation, Optik, to the ByWard Market, Ottawa, and Canada bringing light and hope to 2023 and beyond.’’

DOMINIQUE LABELLE, Co-Chair, ByWard Market BIA Board of Directors, Ottawa (CAN)

“It was great to work with Creos’ team. We will certainly miss Optik and Roseaux and they were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who passed by. Thanks for being great partners on this project.’’

NATALIE ARMSTRONG, Senior Manager of Placemaking, Downtown Alliance, New York City (USA)

”Thank you for such a memorable time! Everyone really enjoyed interacting with Optik while presented in Newport News. It was a huge success in our eyes, and it really brought the community together. Optik definitely made the impact we hoped for and more!”

City of Newport News, Park & Recreation (USA)

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