Calgary, Canada

Lighting the Way

Some of our most imaginative adventures start with a door, a portal, or a gate. Passing through The TUNNEL indicates the start of a journey beyond the known world into something transformative.

One thing The TUNNEL does best is light up a site. Its polished exterior reflects the surrounding urban landscape, and the 16 surprising 4m (12 feet) tall cosmic structures using over 150 LED bars provides a stunning 30m (100 feet) beacon of light. But The TUNNEL offers even more.

You are invited to take control of the experience! The TUNNEL utilizes a custom, interactive console that allows you to become the “pilot”, guiding other guests through the experience by taking control of the array. Each button controls an aspect of the light programming, including speed, colour, fade and patterns, allowing “pilots” to tailor a unique experience. The giant light structure can also run autonomously for hours on end. 

This memorable immersive experience transports you to a place of pure imagination that quickly becomes an inspiring new reality.

Tour Producer

Alexandre Lemieux
1 844 992-7367 ext. 101

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