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Giant crystals that come alive through movement

Oscillation is an interactive installation that uses sight, sound, and movement to spark community activity and social interaction through play. 

The installation acts somewhat like a theremin, an unusual musical instrument that you can play without touching it. As you walk toward the piece, it plays different sounds and pitches depending on your distance from it. And as you move and dance around it, colors reflect and refract light in different ways based on your angle and position.  

Oscillation is made up of five parts that are deconstructed from a solid cube using a Voronoi algorithm. The crystal-like forms can be moved around and placed in a variety of formations. The result is totally immersive experience that breaks down social barriers and fuels joyful conversations between strangers.

The Urban Conga
The Urban Conga
Tour Producer

Alexandre Lemieux
1 844 992-7367 ext. 101

“Oscillation fit so perfectly in our space and was such a hit, thank you so much for all your work in getting it here, Toledo loved it!”

TESS HEALY, Coordinator, Momentum Festival – The Arts Commission, Toledo (USA)

Oscillation is one of the most-awaited activities we have planned for the summer. This interactive art exhibit gives the community a unique opportunity to connect with themselves and others while experiencing art in new ways.”

ADRIENNE GORDON, Executive Director, Downtown Oakville BIA, Oakville (USA)

“Allied Arts was delighted to partner with Creos to introduce Oklahoma City to the interactive, large-scale pieces as part of our 50th anniversary celebration. It was so inspiring to see how these two pieces, Oscillation and Passage, sparked joy, excitement, and creativity within our city. Additionally, the interactive nature of the installation and placement in a popular, public park helped removed barriers for non-traditional art audiences to experience and enjoy art!”

DEBORAH MCAULIFFE SENNER, President/CEO, Allied Arts, Oklahoma City (USA) 

Oscillation is a unique experience, people are drawn to our display out of curiosity. They are entertained as they move and dance around the pieces to make them respond with sounds. The vibrant colors are a welcome contrast to the surrounding winter landscape. The fascination of our guests is apparent as they enjoy the experience and take wonderful memories home with them.”

MARK HOUSE, Manager, Downtown Cincinati Park Board – Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati (USA)

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