From Saint-Bruno to New York

Two interactive installations toured by Creos and produced by Init, Optik, and Roseaux, are presented in New York from May 10 to June 21 as part of the Art is All Around event, presented by the Downtown Alliance

Alexandre Lemieux discussed it with Gino Chouinard on the morning TV show Salut Bonjour.

To watch the interview (in French), it’s HERE.

TVA – Salut Bonjour
Alexandre Lemieux, Creos
Broadcast Date
May 16,

Optik, a creation of The Urban Conga in collaboration with Serge Maheu, produced by Init on the World Trade Center site.

Roseaux, a creation of 1ToMn in collaboration with UDO design and Serge Maheu, co-produced by Init and 1ToMn on Water Street.